Costa Rica: Fair Trade, Justice and Development

For those interested in hearing more about how fairtrade makes a tangible difference to majority world communities come and check out Will Padilla from CooprAgri in Costa Rica. Will is 31 yrs old and has been involved with the Co-op for many years along with other family members. Will is in charge of Fairtrade Operations Read more about Costa Rica: Fair Trade, Justice and Development[…]

Partrick Dodson, Phil Glendenning & Paul Lane

Edmund Rice Justice Aotearoa would like to warmly invite you to join us to hear special guest speakers Patrick Dodson, Phil Glendenning and Paul Lane. As some of the leading social justice advocates in Australia the trio will be with us to share their wisdom and knowledge. Patrick Dodson is a highly respected Aboriginal leader Read more about Partrick Dodson, Phil Glendenning & Paul Lane[…]

Movie Night: Welcome to Sarajevo (1997)

Journalist Floyd from US, Michael Henderson from UK and their teams meet the beginning of Bosnian war in Sarajevo. During their reports they find an orphanage run by devoted Mrs. Savic near the front line. Henderson gets so involved in kids’ problems that he decides to take on the children, Emira, illegally back to England. Read more about Movie Night: Welcome to Sarajevo (1997)[…]

Movie Night: Bloody Sunday (2002)

Bloody Sunday is a film about the 1972 “Bloody Sunday” shootings in Derry, Northern Ireland. The drama shows the events of the day through the eyes of Ivan Cooper, a SDLP Member of the Parliament of Northern Ireland who was a central organiser of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march in Derry on 30 January 1972. The march ended when British Army Read more about Movie Night: Bloody Sunday (2002)[…]

Movie Night: The Insider. Wednesday 21st

This film tells the true story of Jeffrey Wigand, a former tobacco executive, who decided to appear on the CBS-TV News show “60 Minutes.” As matter of conscience partially prodded by producer Lowell Bergman, he revealed that, the tobacco industry was not only aware that cigarettes are addictive & harmful, but deliberately worked on increasing that addictiveness. Unfortunately, both protagonists of this story learn the hard way that simply telling the truth is not enough as they struggle against both Big Tobacco’s attempts to silence them and the CBS TV Network’s own cowardly complict preference of putting money as a higher priority over the truth.

Movie Night: Hotel Rwanda. Wednesday 14th 7pm

Ten years ago some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind took place in the country of Rwanda–and in an era of high-speed communication and round the clock news, the events went almost unnoticed by the rest of the world. In only three months, one million people were brutally murdered. In the face of these unspeakable actions, inspired by his love for his family, an ordinary man summons extraordinary courage to save the lives of over a thousand helpless refugees, by granting them shelter in the hotel he manages.

Movie Night: Darwin’s Nightmare. Wednesday 30th June

Darwin’s Nightmare explores the gun trade to Africa that takes place under the covers — Russian pilots fly guns into Africa, then fly fish back out to Europe. The hazards and consequences of this trade are explored, including the pan-African violence propagated by constant flow of weapons into the continent. If it is a “survival of the fittest” world, as Darwin concluded, then the capitalist interests that fund the gun runners are climbing the evolutionary ladder on the backs of the Africans in this stark Darwinian example. Much like the foreseeable extinction of the Lake Victoria perch, and death of Lake Victoria itself, the Africans are in grave jeopardy, even as they survive in the only ways they know how.