Our Strategic Directions

Building Restorative Justice Sustainability
Goal:   To achieve a sustainable base for the Edmund Rice Justice’s Restorative justice programmes and projects.
Strategy:       Seek out and secure funding for both current Restorative Justice projects  and for the future expansion of the projects.

Communicating through Social Media
Goal:   To communicate awareness of justice issues and the Trust through the Trust’s website, twitter and facebook.
Strategy: Redevelop the ERJANZ website, protocols and editorial policy.

Ethical Encounters
Goal:   To establishing forums of discussion which consider justice issues.
Strategy:       Offer regular opportunities for people (especially Edmund Rice School’s past pupils and the Edmund Rice Network) to reflect and discuss current ethical and  justice issues.

Connecting with the Edmund Rice Network
Goal:   To be an effective partner in the Edmund Rice Network
Strategy:       Build the profile of the Trust and its services with the Edmund Rice Network through the Trust’s annual ER Network National Conference, managing the Edmund Rice Oceania Network Facebook page and network website and the building of relationships with the various Network groups across New Zealand and internationally.

Developing the role of Board Members
Goal:   To develop the Trustees meaningful engagement in the mission of the Trust by tapping into the wisdom and varying passions, skills and experience of the current Trustees.
Strategy:       Develop roles within the Trustees based on their experience, skills and passion.

Providing Street Immersion Experiences
Goal:   To sponsor Street Immersion experiences for people as a way of increasing their  awareness and understanding of justice issues.
Strategy:       Sponsoring street retreat programmes for the Edmund Rice Schools in New Zealand and providing street immersion experiences for tertiary students and adults.

Mentoring Cross Cultural Immersion
Goal:   To provide support especially for the leaders of cultural immersion programmes and experiences.
Strategy:       Offer mentoring and support for cross cultural immersion programmes by working with the leaders and key people involved in cultural immersion programmes

Policy Development and Support for Mission
Goal:   To ensure that the mission of the Trust is supported by effective financial and governance systems so that the Trust meets its legal and statutory responsibilities.
Strategy:       Complete the policy project and continue to develop the financial and compliance systems for the Trust.

Developing a volunteer base
Goal:   To build a network of volunteers who will share in the mission of the Trust and enable the activities of the Trust to develop.
Strategy:       Identify key project areas and seek and support volunteers to assist in the project.

ERJAZ Strategic Directions Flyer