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December 2019 newsletter   Looking Back at 2019 & 2019 ERN Conference
July-August 2019 Newsletter   He Karakia o Erama Raihi
June 2019 Newsletter  “Unpacking the Ethical Complexity of Hemp” & “Caring for the Natural Environment in the Modern World”
March 2019 Newsletter  Manaakitanga & Everyone Eats
February 2019 Newsletter The Activities of the Justice Trust

January 2018  Newsletter ‘Looking Forward’
March 2018 Newsletter ‘Leadership Retreat’
April 2018 Newsletter ‘Diocesan Youth Synod’
June 2018 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter – Drug Law Reform’

December 2017 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter on Palliative Care and Euthanasia’
November 2017 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter on Euthanasia’
October 2017 Newsletter ‘Edmund Rice Street Retreat’
September 2017 Newsletter ‘Meeting Edmund Rice Again for the First Time’
August 2017 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter on Non-Violence’
July 2017 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter on Housing’
June 2017 Newsletter ‘Restorative Justice – Accountability and a Fresh Start’

November 2016 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter on Immersion’
October 2016 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter, Street Immersion and Street Retreat’
September 2016 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter in Christchurch’
August 2016 Newsletter ‘ERN 2016 Conference – Whanaungatanga’
July 2016 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter on the Youth Custody Index’
June 2016 Newsletter ‘The Inequality Problem’
May 2016 Newsletter ‘Introducing our new Restorative Justice Administrator’
March 2016 Newsletter ‘When the Damage is Done’

November 2015 Newsletter ‘Auckland Immersion Street Retreat’
October 2015 Newsletter ‘Ethical Encounter Restorative Justice’
September 2015 Newsletter ‘Restoring what?’
August 2015 Newsletter ‘Conscious of the Other’ & ‘Youth Custody Index 2015’
July 2015 Newsletter ‘Closing the Education Gap’ & ‘Edmund Rice Network Conference’
June 2015 Newsletter ‘The Magna Carta and its Relevance in New Zealand in New Zealand Today’ & ‘2015 Update’
May 2015 Newsletter ‘Come Healing’ & Our Social Media
April 2015 Newsletter ‘New Website & Chris Nolan to Community Law’