Pillars Project

erjnewPillars Project in Partnership with St Peter’s College, Auckland

Supporting children of prisoners to live a safe, crime free life. 
Our Vision
To provide support to the children of prisoners in New Zealand, helping them cope with parental imprisonment, and reducing the rate of intergenerational offending.

Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective best-practice services to the children of prisoners and their families/whanau both in New Zealand by:

  • providing nationwide telephone and online counselling and support;
  • direct personal services in Christchurch, Auckland and other centres where they can    be adequately resourced and  managed;
  • the preparation and distribution of relevant written and electronic information to them; and
  • creating awareness of their needs and advocating on behalf of them to government, local bodies, schools, prisons, community groups and any other relevant person or organisations; and
  • conducting research and information gathering that ensures an up-to-date picture of the issues surrounding them to support the above services.


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