Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/Edmund Rice Network

Te Rōpū Kaitiaki o Erama Raihi/Edmund Rice Justice Aotearoa-New Zealand is a member of Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/Edmund Rice Network in Aotearoa-New Zealand and in Oceania.

Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/The Edmund Rice Network is an association of groups, schools, communities, institutions and trusts inspired by the work and life of Edmund Rice.
Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/Edmund Rice Network includes:
Christian Brothers’ Community  (Auckland)
Edmund Rice Camps Incorporated (Auckland)
Edmund Rice Reflection Group (Auckland)
Liston College (Auckland)
St Peter’s College (Auckland)
Christian Brothers’ Community  (Christchurch)
St Thomas of Canterbury College, (Christchurch)
Edmund Rice Reflection Group (Christchurch)
St Kevin’s College (Oamaru)
Christian Brothers’ Community  (Dunedin)
Edmund Rice Camps Incorporated (Dunedin)
Edmund Rice Justice Aotearoa-New Zealand Trust

For more information about Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/the Edmund Rice Network visit these websites
Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/Edmund Rice Network Aotearoa/New Zealand   Website http://www.edmundrice.org.nz
Edmund Rice Network International Website: http://edmundrice.net/
Edmund Rice Network Oceania Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EdmundRiceNetworkOceania


Te Whanau A Erama Raihi/The  Edmund Rice Network Values

“People with heart, people with passion, people with people”

Participants in the New Zealand Edmund Rice Network endeavour to witness the following gospel values in everyday life and ministry:

Hospitable Faith Community

  • Being welcoming, open and responsive to the Spirit moving
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance
  • Appreciating diversity by being inclusive
  • Working together, moving forward, and growing in love
  • Cultivating shared vision, beliefs and values
  • Dealing with problems when they arise

Compassionate Heart:

  • Treating each person as an encounter with God
  • Witnessing a quality of presence that leaves people feeling valued
  • Being available for others and nourishing ourselves
  • Standing alongside and journeying with others in solidarity
  • Demonstrating a great capacity to love and a willingness to forgive hurts
  • Working to liberate others from oppression and injustice


  • Getting together, sharing everyday experiences, and making meaning in light of the Gospel
  • Learning from others
  • Deepening sense of spirituality and mission
  • Keeping the Edmund Rice story and the justice-seeking tradition alive
  • Standing back to embrace and celebrate heart changing moments
  • Strengthening personal faith by engaging in reflective processes that foster hope
  • Realising the good news

Right Relationship:

  • Acknowledging God’s presence among us
  • Being grounded in prayer and reflection
  • Courageous risk-taking to restore right order
  • Cultivating energy and generosity for good
  • Keeping an eye on the task and the bigger picture in sight
  • Inventing new ways to meet current challenges

Committed Involvement/Service for Justice:

  • Strengthening connections to open up pathways for others
  • Creating people who are responsive to a call
  • Building a more just and civil society
  • Finding freedom in reaching out to and serving marginalised peoples
  • Enjoying simplicity and having fun
  • Working together we can achieve more