April 4, 2015

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us, we are always excited to hear about new ideas and projects.

Project Officer – Campbell Wood – campbell@erjustice.org.nz

Restorative Justice Administrator- Karen Currie – karen@erjustice.org.nz

Cross Cultural Volunteers – Cathy Harrison – cathy.harrison@xtra.co.nz

Trust Board – Br Paul Robertson – PMRobertson@edmundrice.org

Financial Administrator – Michael Bendall – Michael@corcoranfrench.co.nz

Immersions – Sam Drumm – Samueldrumm@gmail.com

Prison Visitation Volunteers – Cathy Harrison – cathy.harrison@xtra.co.nz

Communications – Sam Drumm – Samueldrumm@gmail.com

Social Media and Website – Tony Kidd – tkidd@stc.school.nz

Street Immersions – Campbell Wood –campbell@erjustice.org.nz

Ethical Encounters – Campbell Wood –campbell@erjustice.org.nz


We look forward to hearing from you!