ER International Volunteers and Immersions

erjnewWould you like to understand
what it’s like to live cross culturally

Edmund Rice Volunteers could be for you. Our volunteers work in Edmund Rice community’s throughout the world and assist’s ministries to achieving their varied community development tasks. Being a volunteer opens your eyes to the many realities of living in poverty and encourages participants to build solid lifelong relationships in their host community.

Some of the possible placements are

  • Timor Leste
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines

For more information click here to download the most current program information. If you would like to know more about who ER Volunteers are and if it would be right for you have a look at this document. Otherwise please get in contact with Cathy Harrison – if you would like to talk more about making an application.

Reflections from previous participants

Samuel Wojcik spent 6 months in Arusha, Tanzania teaching at Edmund Rice Mt. Sinon School in 2016. Read a bit more about Sam and his reflections here.

Michael Davidson spent 12 months Timor Leste till the end of 2009. Read a bit about Michael and his reflections here

Jakub Kalinowski spent Tanzania till the end of May 2009 (3 month placement). Read a bit about Jakub and his reflections here

Debbi Frank volunteered as a Teacher in Tanzania for 12 months in 2007/8. Check out her reflection here

Tony, Denise, and Gabriel spent 3 months in the Philippines working on policy development in schools. Check out a bit about Tony and his reflections here

Dermot and Marie English and their 3 kids volunteered in Tanzania for 3 months in 2006/7. Check out the PowerPoint on the school they worked at here

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