September 6, 2007

Our Organisation

Our Mission


“Edmund Rice Justice Aotearoa New Zealand is committed to working for Social Justice. Through out commitment to building right relationship and community we aim to live out our Gospel Values in the inspiration of Edmund Rice’s story”

  • To Provide education and resources regarding social issues that impact on Aotearoa New Zealand and international communities.
  • To provide seminars that are open to the community. The purpose of these seminars is to promote greater understanding of the social issues that impact our communities and to assist the community in the identification of ways to address these issues.
  • To conduct all the works of the Trust in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of Edmund Rice and Catholic social teaching. Catholic social teaching is a specific teaching of the Church that reflect Gospel values in a modern context.
  • To undertake research into social issues and utilise that research to facilitate community education. This research may also be provided to other organisations and government departments that would benefit from the research undertaken by the Trust.
  • To facilitate projects that will work with individuals and families in the community who the Trust identify as being on the margins of society, by assisting those individuals and families in a supportive and advocacy role.
  • To oversee the direction and support of the Edmund Rice Justice Centre


 Our Key ER Justice People

  • Campbell Wood: Project Officer (Auckland based)
  • Karen Currie: RJ Administrator (Christchurch based)
  • Jackie Katounas: RJ Lead Facilitator
  • Tony Kidd: ERJ Facebook Page Administrator
  • Michael Bendall: Financial Administrator

 Our Current Trustees

  • Boris Baptist (Treasurer)
  • Samuel Drumm (Secretary)
  • Kieran Fouhy
  • Cathy Harrison
  • Paul Robertson (Chairperson)
  • Marty Taylor (Deputy Chairperson)

Board Meetings 2019

Sunday 24th February   1:30pm       (Christchurch)
Sunday  12th May           1:00pm     (Auckland) includes AGM
Sunday 18th August       1:30pm    (Christchurch)
Sunday 24th November   1:30pm  (Auckland)

Our Trust Deed, amendments and accounts are available for public view at

To view our Charity Services page, click here.

You can also look at our original Trust deed in PDF format here.