Cross Cultural Immersion

Edmund Rice Justice Aotearoa New Zealand supports Cross-Cultural International Immersions where groups and individuals immerse themselves in the lived reality of others that is unknown to them. An immersion can take place locally and internationally and can last from a couple of days up to a number of weeks or months.

The experience is informative and transformative to an individual’s perspective and a deeper appreciation for life, diversity and respect for others is often the result. Throughout the experience there is a significant reflection and formation process where participants see the world from different perspectives and through their own hearts.

“…the friends made in India will stay with me and everyone else who went, for life. Not only the friendships, but the confidence and sense of perspective that came with the trip, seeing the other half of the world and truly understanding what life is like for some. We may have left, but India will stay inside every one of us.” – Student from St Thomas of Canterbury Christchurch.

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Pictures from past India Immersion Trips