Boot Camps for Who?

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“arguably the least successful sentence in the Western world”
Judge Andrew Becroft (Premier Youth Court Judge)

When one looks at the lack of success of boot-camps in recent history, their is a overwhelming expert opinions that discredits the government’s approach to youth intervention. With strong public support one must only wonder if the NZ public is getting value out of the $32million dollar policy, and if so is this value simply quenching the public’s desire to see a revenge/punishment approach?

The point of this issue wrap is to simply ask the question

  • Are boot camps a proven model for ‘success’
  • How experienced in youth problems are the people and teams making the decision for boot camps
  • What could we be doing over boot camps
  • Why does society still believe that harsh sentences will result in less crime
  • Who is the boot camp project really serving

Check out the PDF here if your interested or leave your comments below. If you would like to flesh out some of these issues then feel free to come join in the community gatherings.

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