Poverty and Recession

With the recession hitting people across the globe in such a range of ways their is a natural tendency to care for those closest to home. However in trying to live by Social Justice principals we must question just how the recession is hitting those in the developing world already on the cusp of survival. The bad news is that the downturn in consumer demand has caused a drastic decrease in production which has hit the developing world hard, it real terms this means the 1 billion already living on less than $1.25 per day is rapidly growing. To double the pressure the many NGO’s relying on western donations to enable survival of the worlds poorest are being hit by falling rates of donation and the NZ Government is considering moving the model of aid to purely serve the needs of economic development.

What the issue

  • The world’s poorest are being hit by the economic recession
  • In real terms, for many this means the difference between life and death
  • As the west stops demanding so many consumer products the rates of unemployment crash in the developing world
  • Many NGO’s are not receiving the income needed to serve the poor

What can be done

  • Continue donations to organisations you trust with a good track record, they need your support in these times
  • Gain knowledge on the economic crisis and how it is affecting the extremely poor
  • Urge our Government to ensure the focus of Aid remains predominantly on the poorest of the poor
  • We live in a globalised world, try to ensure that we are making globalised decisions on a daily basis with what we consume and give away
  • Check out the youtube case study below looking at the rescue package from a developing world perspective

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